Zulu Warriors
WAR Zulus Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 45
Health: 150
Mobility: 4.5
Damage: 100-180
Range: 20
Icon gold
= 1000

Icon gem
= 120


Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability Shotgun blast
2nd ability War Dance

The Zulus are a ten million strong ethnicity belonging to South Africa. Coming from a clan founded in the early 18th century, they have since become the primary ethnic group of the region, however it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that they formed a state ruled by a king, and the act gave them much power, uniting a confederation of tribes into a single imposing empire. The Zulu hegemony ruled the plains until the British demanded their subjugation. The conflict may have lasted only five months, despite the surrender of many of the tribal chiefs, the conflict left many embittered tribes people that continued to despise their new masters.

When the warlord arose, it was not surprising that the Zulu’s sought to reprise old wounds. The fifty thousand strong Zulu warrior castes began their own independent campaign using what they learned from the colonials during the time since the first war. It did not take long for the Zulus and warlords to meet on the battlefield with the colonials caught between them. The tribes ignored the warlord forces entirely despite seeking very similar goals; it took several more similar meetings however for a diplomatic bridge to be built between the two factions. The time spent by the Zulus beneath the British Empire had taught them wider communication and the ways of advanced society, and it was essentially the Empire’s own fault that the tribes were now willing to deal with outsiders, even those native to Africa. So therefore the Imperials managed to cause their own downfall in the continent, setting a new foundation for the Zulu kingdom to ally with the warlords.

The tribes had learned much from the British, and more still from their newfound allies, this included the use of new weapon technologies, their invaluable knowledge of the wilderness being equally useful. However, a culture as traditional as theirs does have its drawbacks. Commanding such a force amidst a greater hierarchy has had its challenges, with particular beliefs often causing disagreements over orders. There is also an unwillingness to drop their attire, but as unpractical as it may be on a battlefield, without it though they would not have psychological affect on their foes.

No skins.

War dance gives the zulu a +50% movement and +50% firepower bonus for 2 turns.