War Zeppelin
War Zeppelin
Class: Heavy Flyer
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 40
Health: 300
Mobility: 11/7
Damage: 125-175/150-200
Range: 80/0-25
Costs: Gold = 14500

Gems = 1740

Deploy = 6E 4C

Weapon Concussive/Concussive
1st ability Stuka Call-in
2nd ability Bombs Away

Brace for Impact/ Cancel Bracing

As war broke out in Europe, it did not take long for the greatest military minds to realise the potential of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin’s invention. The commercial prototypes had proven its air worthiness and capabilities, all that remained was to arm it. Its purpose swapped between a mobile observation ship, to an anti-air platform and finally a bomber. The real challenge was making it offensively useful meanwhile keeping it sturdy and mobile. Kept aloft by pockets of hydrogen and powered by external combustion engines, chances were that it was a highly volatile concoction, however a rigid exoskeleton, armoured bulkheads and an anti flak mesh built into the outer skin all help prevent it being blown out the sky.

The length of a war zeppelin starts from a hundred metres and varies depending on its payload and cargo capacity, the thrust needed to mobilise these airships is a minimum of 15 horsepower however the potential speed of a zeppelin has to be balanced by practicality. Crew compartments and payload chamber hang from the underbelly of the airship, cargo can also be carried in the balloon itself however the European Alliance do not regularly use the zeppelin in a transport capacity. The precision bombardments has made it an indomitable European icon of the sky, but how long will it be until the European Alliance needs to find a replacement?

ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait Base


ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait British


ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait German


ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait French


ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait RedWall

Red Wall

ALI WarZeppelin 3DPortrait Cossacks


Special Abilities

Deploy: Unit can move in the same turn as deployed. Passive ability is activated when deployed.

1. Weapon: [Carpet Bomb]: Begins a bombardment of the area underneath

Type: Bomb

Damage: Good

Range: Small

Special: Cannot benefit from its passive ability

2. Passive ability: [Brace for Impact]: Armored bulkheads are down to weather fire

Type: Personal Boost

Damage: Medium

Special conditions: Disables Carpet Bomb, but gains 50% damage reduction and a substantial boost to speed.