What does it mean to be a war correspondent?

The war correspondents are players that have volunteered to contribute to the March of War Wikia page and to collaborate with the community team. They contribute by writing articles on specific topics of the game, its mechanics and the developments in the game world. In return they have a special status as war correspondents and in-game benefits.

How can you become a war correspondent?

Correspondents can be selected in two ways. They can nominate themselves by sending an e-mail or personal message to SneakySoundz or MechanicalAngel or they can be approached by SneakySoundz or MechanicalAngel. Players are asked to provide an article for the Wikia that will show us if this player is a good candidate. The community team decides which player can become a war correspondent. In order to be eligible for the position of war correspondent a player needs to prove that he is deeply immersed in the game, has a sound understanding of its mechanics and a good level of English. The content that they create will be used by the whole community and so needs to be accurate and clear.

Responsibilities of a March of War correspondent

- Be present in the game daily;

- Follow the developments of their faction;

- Keep an eye on the forums for interesting pieces of community content;

- Write articles;

- Write how-to and strategy guides;

- Edit and expand existing articles based on patches and changes in the game;

- Be proactive and solution driven;

- Keep an eye on the March of War forum for interesting contributions to the Wikia.