War Balloon
Empire War Balloon
Class: Air Unit
Units: 1
Defense: Heavy Flyer
Sight: 50
Health: 200
Mobility: 9
Damage: 75-125/125-175
Range: 0-15/0-25
Costs: Gold = 14000

Gems = 1680

Deploy = 3E 3C

Weapon Fire/Rending(AA Only)
1st ability Fuel Bomb
2nd ability AA Defense

Over the centuries the peoples of the Orient have invented countless wonders. The ancient Chinese were using steel at a time in Europe when we were still living in mud huts. Ancient Chinese knowledge of aviation dates back to 300 AD with the ‘Kongming Lantern’. The Imperial War balloon is based on the lanterns design. But do not be fooled by its ornate ancestor. It is not called the ‘eyes and wings of the Emperor’ because it looks pretty. It is the perfect scouting tool for any general and it can sneak up on any enemy and reign death from on high.

When it looms into view it would be foolish for any enemy not to be caught in the open. It has a 360 degrees view manned by only the most hawk eyed of the emperors servants. No soldier can hope to escape its glare. Its pilots and gunners, like many of the Emperor’s servants, undergo a grueling training regime never ceasing until they have mastered every area of their airborne home.

Although the balloons firearms are lightweight in comparison to other aerial threats they can pick off enemies and then disappear before anyone knows what’s hit them. The balloon is the rising death of the dragon Emperor and attests to the theory that when a design is good, don’t change it. ‘The wings of the dragon’ is just one of the many nicknames that the Emperors men give to the balloon and they send out the clear message, that you can keep your fighter planes and zeppelins we’ll stick with what we know best.

EMP WarBalloon 3DPortrait Base


EMP WarBalloon 3DPortrait Kakihaidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP WarBalloon 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP WarBalloon 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Front

EMP Warballoon 3DPortrait RisingSun

Rising Sun

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