• ErickGreaper


    September 20, 2013 by ErickGreaper

    Allright so i was in a pvp battle in Yukon, i was an AW and the enemy was UR. Since the begining the map seemed too big and all the capture points were too far from the initial deploy site so you couldn't capture any of them on the first round, so i spread my units trying to cover as much terrain as i could, then it was my enemy's turn, all normal, i couldn't see any of his units yet because like i said the map was really big, but then it was my turn again and it happened.

    I moved one of my units closer to a control point in the middle part of the map and i saw a giant gorilla-like creature standing on two feet about the sie of a war elephant. i was obviously surprised and moved the rest of my troops closer to this point in case the creatur…

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