MarchOfWar Union-Flag

"United we stand"

Strong Points

  • Wide range of units
  • Support weapons
  • Potent propaganda
  • Heavy walkers

Weak Points

  • Average infantry
  • Little heavy infantry

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Soviet Union Leadership
Soviet Union Military

Home Territories

  • Ukraine
  • Moscow
  • Central Urals


The Union commits waves of men and tanks motivated by propaganda powers and units, with heavy walkers spearheading assaults. They have cost effective heavy armor and cheap light infantry, backed up by snipers and other support weapons.


The Soviet Union was formed after the assassination of Tsar Alexander II in 1881. Aided by European money and technology, the People’s Will, Russian anarchists and communists, created enough momentum to overthrow the aristocratic government and establish the world’s first socialist nation. The old feudal powers were cast down and the wealth was redistributed amongst the people. There was no room in the vast Soviet nation for non-communists and counter-revolutionaries. Soon everyone who was not convenient to the government was removed on that pretext.

The new Red government believed it to be their mission to spread the creed of communism across the world and the Soviet propaganda machine made the soviet people accept this as their mission as well. Soon, the People’s Will forgot that the Europeans helped them come to power and began funding socialist uprisings across Europe, Asia and South America. But the old colonial powers of Europe were firmly against communism and crushed the uprisings with extreme prejudice.

UNI Hammer Portrait

"Equality Through Control"

The Soviet response was all out war against the European aristocrats and oppressors as the propaganda machine presented them. The Soviet people took up arms with radical fervor and thus began the Great European War.

The Soviet Union wants to spread the joy and progress of communism to the rest of the proletariat of the world. They see this as their mission and would go to any lengths to see it fulfilled.

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