Sikh Troops
EMP SikhTroops Portrait
Class: Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 150
Mobility: 9
Damage: 100-140/60-120
Range: 45/2
Costs: Gold = 3000

Gems = 360

Deploy = 5M

Weapon Anti-Pers(AA)


1st ability Rifle Volley
2nd ability Kukri Strike

The proud Sikh warriors of India had lead a valiant resistance against their Colonial British masters for centuries, sabotaging shipping routs, assassinating officials, and of course, doing hit and run attacks at the British Infantry. Even if they were fighting a losing battle, the Sikh warriors were able to become a genuine threat against their European oppressors with nothing more than primitive hunting rifles and traditional Kukhri blade. After the Soviet Union had driven back the European nations from its colonies, the Indians and the Sikhs finally found themselves to be free, but were as a consequence to this sudden withdrawal in administrative and economic chaos. This continued to be so until the early 1930s, when the Shogun Empire had finally reached India through China and the pacific ocean.

Learning from its previously violent, shameful, and most of all ineffective colonization of Manchuria and Korea, the Shogun Empire was much kinder to India and its surrounding nations, supporting the nation economically to a profound degree. While this did not lead to the Indians to worship to the great Emperor and follow his divine destiny, Indians came to see the Shogun Empire as a friend and a trustable ally, thus joined forces as near equals (with the Shogun’s subdued desire to slowly assimilate and destroy India’s innate religion and culture, of course). The Sikhs joined the Imperial Army as auxiliaries with the promise of plenty a battles against their previous masters, among other enemies who desired to conquer their beloved lands again. It was well known that the Shogun Empire was a conqueror as well among the Sikhs and their Indian brothers, but at the very least the Empire’s wish to unite Asia was genuine.

In battle, the Sikhs are known to use a special drug before combat. Finding its origins from the very ones used by the Islamic Assassins, the drug serves not to turn the Sikhs into aggressive berserkers, but cold and calculated killers. The Brahma’s holy concoction, as the Sikhs call it, calms and clears their mind, and suppresses any sense of empathy a warrior may have against his foes. The aggression and adrenaline that is usually rampant in combat is focused towards the user’s regenerative capabilities, bestowing the Sikhs a vastly higher pool of endurance, stamina, beard growth, and, most importantly, quick regeneration from otherwise fatal wounds. The miraculous concoction seems to have no side effects, except for perhaps increased intelligence and aging.

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