Siege Tank
AllianceSiege Tank
Class: Armoured Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armoured, Heavy
Sight: 30
Health: 450
Mobility: 7
Damage: 150-250/200-300
Range: 45-90/45-130
Costs: Gold = 16,000

Gems = 1920

Deploy = 5E 4C

Weapon Concussive/Concussive
1st ability Siege Cannon Shot
2nd ability Supercharged Shot

When the Soviet Union invaded Europe, the European armies were hard pressed to respond to the threat of communism. The notion of war as a gentlemanly business evaporated in the first months of the conflict. This was a new type of war – a dieselpunk war!

The European generals and officers were desperately in need of a weapon that, upon its introduction to the battlefield, could bring immense firepower and turn the tide of battle unconditionally in favor of the European armies. The brightest scientific minds that Europe had to offer gathered at the French military academy, L’École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr, to engineer the weapon that would change the war. The massive foundries of Krupp Stahl industries manufactured what would become the ultimate extension of European diplomacy – the Siege Tank! The tests were carried out in Switzerland by Dutch and British crews and the revolutionary weapon passed with flying colors.

When it was manufactured and shipped to the front lines, its impact was felt immediately. Entire Soviet armored divisions were reduced to burning scrap metal and European armies managed to push the red tide back. The Soviets referred to the Siege Tank as the “Earth Shaker”; whenever a shell from the Siege Tank would hit their positions, the earth would shake.

The Siege Tank is the defining image of European armies as perceived by the rest of the world – superior, heavily armored, mechanized forces that use tanks and heavy weaponry to pound their enemies into submission.

Research cost: 5000 research / 1000 gems

ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait Base


ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait British


ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait German


ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait French


ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait Cossack


ALI SiegeTank 3DPortrait Dutch


Deploy: When deployed, it cannot move but Overcharged shot can be used. The Siege Tank must be deployed to attack.

1. Weapon: [Siege gun]: Heavy cannon

Type: Area Attack (Small area of effect)

Damage: Good

Range: Very Good

2. Weapon: [Overcharged shot]:  : Very powerful shot that delivers explosive shells

Type: Area Attack (medium)

Damage: Very good

Range: Very good

Special conditions: All weapons are disabled for 1 turn after using the Shot