The Shredder Tank
EMP ShredderTank Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Light Armor
Sight: 30
Health: 175
Mobility: 6
Damage: 80-120/120-160
Range: 25-65
Costs: Gold = 2250

Gems = 275

Deploy = 3 E

Weapon Rending
1st ability Autocannon Burst
2nd ability Battery Fire

The shredder tank is another of the specialized tanks in the Imperial armored corps. Where the light tank is an all-purpose vehicle and the type 60 – a tank hunter, the shredder tank is especially dedicated to mowing down scores of infantry. Equally at home on defense and offense, the shredder tank is used to provide additional firepower during forward deployments or rapidly establish a defensive perimeter around a position to consolidate it.

Introduced as part of the Imperial Invasion force in the Chinese war, the Shredder was designed to support the advance of the light tanks by keeping enemy infantry at bay and to also grind the massed assaults by the Chinese armies to a bloody halt. Originally conceived as a mobile weapons platform that would provide overwhelming anti-infantry fire power, the shredder tank’s .50 caliber Auto cannon proved extremely effective against infantry charges .The Shredder became an integral part of Imperial battle plans and assaults.

When used defensively, the shredder tanks are positioned on the flanks so that they can spray the battlefield with high-caliber auto cannon fire and suppress any advancing infantry. An interesting adaptation of the shredder is its ability to shoot down low flying aircraft. It is not uncommon for shredders to be grouped into batteries to provide air cover for advancing armies.

A weapon of multiple uses, the shredder tank offers great tactical flexibility to its commanding general and excessive amounts of bullet fire to its enemies.

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