Salvaged AC
WAR SalvagedAC Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Light Armor
Sight: 35
Health: 200
Mobility: 4.5
Damage: 60-100/100-150
Range: 65
Icon gold
= 2000

Icon gem
= 240


Weapon Rending
1st ability HMG Burst
2nd ability AA Barrage

A Salvaged AC is an armored vehicle that has either been stolen or scavenged by African looters. The Warlords have seen the usefulness of armored vehicles and almost always loot more from battlefields where they have faced European or Republican armies Should the chance arise. The rebels will usually "enhance" their looted vehicles with more weapons, armor, and garish paint Jobs which match their "unique" aesthetic style.

When a vehicle is scavenged off of the battlefield it is usually heavily damaged, but this is no challenge for self-taught mechanics in the African armies. These will replace or "enhance" all of the weapons with more potent caliber weapons. The Scavaged AC is usually equipped with a .50 caliber gun on its roof and a variety of different shells. Used mainly against enemy infantry , despite its looks, the Salvaged AC packs quite a punch with its high fire rate machine gun and its anti-personnel bolter shells. This combined with the speed and unreliable driver make the AC a truly fearsome anti-infantry weapons platform.

The African Warlords use it to harass and intercept infantry regiments across open spaces with little cover or in defensive ambush positions from which they can spray their enemies with bullets.

No skins.

The Slavaged AC can function as a heavy duty Technical, but for its cost it brings very little in advantages in that role. It does however excell as an AA unit, it provides a decent ranged and good damage against air units.