The Rocket Truck
Empire Rocket Truck final
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 150
Mobility: 9
Damage: 175-225/175-225
Range: 60-140/60-140
Costs: Gold = 14000

Gems = 1680

Deploy = 4E 6C

Weapon Concussive/Fire
1st ability Explosive Rocket
2nd ability Phosphorous Rocket

The Rocket Truck is a mobile, single rocket artillery piece used by the Shogun Empire. A formidable weapon, the Rocket Truck is capable of firing devastating barrages over incredible ranges. Though not as commonly seen on the battlefield as the Light tank or the Fire tank, the Rocket truck's versatility gives it a distinct advantage over other artillery. Nicknamed "Yong" for the ferocious creature from ancient Korean mythology, the Rocket Truck is armed with 1 long-range artillery rocket capable of firing a variety of different warheads, such as high explosive fragmentation warheads, oxy-phosphor incendiary warheads. But the most common type remains the deadly GA-II rockets, the signature payload of these siege vehicles. The standard pattern of the Rocket Truck is produced in the War Factories on Okinawa, while the secret design of its deadly rockets its manufactured in a closely guarded facility in Seul.

Whilst extremely powerful, the Rocket Truck is notoriously unpredictable. The firing temperature of the artillery rockets at the moment of firing must be continuously tended to by the Artillery crew. Otherwise, without the appropriate monitoring,the heat in the firing mechanism could grow too hot, resulting in rockets veering off-target or even failing to detonate. Unfortunately, it is more common for the Rocket truck's weapon system to simply jam and for its rockets to be unable to launch. In very rare circumstances, it has been recorded that Rocket trucks have unintentionally fired their entire payload at once, resulting in the catastrophic destruction of entire Imperial units. Despite its unpredictability, Imperial commanders are willing to gamble on the Rocket Truck's fickle nature, knowing full well that the destructive capability of a single salvo is equivalent to the normal fire of an entire artillery battery

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EMP RocketTruck 3DPortrait Base


EMP RocketTruck 3DPortrait Kakihaidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP RocketTruck 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP RocketTruck 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Front

EMP RocketTruck 3DPortrait RisingSun

Rising Sun