Junta Roc
CAR ROC Portrait
Class: Light Flyer
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 200
Mobility: 14
Damage: 50-100
Range: 65/2
Costs: Gold = 14,000

Gems = 1,680

Deploy = 4E 2C

Weapon Hunting (AA)/Direct
1st ability Sniper Fire
2nd ability Hive Drop

Kicking the Europeans, Americans and Soviets off their continent has given the Latin Junta a cause to unite behind. The fight against the enemy continues as the Junta Roc flies out over the battlefield, the dense canopy of the Amazon rainforest making it nearly impossible to determine their position. However, the snipers in the cargo hold of the chopper are trained to pick off the enemy, even if they are hiding in the trees.

The snipers, while deadly, are not the only thing the enemy has to worry about. In addition, the Junta Roc can also unleash a deadly blight of insects. While diseases are an inherent danger of jungle warfare, the humid climate being ideal for malaria, cholera and yellow fever, Latin Junta scientists have developed genetically engineered versions of these diseases and insects to deliver them to enemy troops. The dense jungle has always provided protection for the indigenous people of Latin America. In the ancient ruins of the Mayans, signs were found that they used primitive methods of entomological warfare, using weapons provided by the jungle itself. Today the Brigadas Revolucionarias combine this knowledge with modern science, creating biological weapons on a scale and with a degree of virulence previously unknown. While enemy commanders try to deploy their men and vehicles on the dense jungle floor, the Junta Roc unleashes millions of bugs carrying genetically manipulated strains of the sickness of the jungle. Infantry and civilians are especially vulnerable to these attacks, which can cause a soldier to die within the hour.

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Che Guevara

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