Red Soldiers
Union Conscript
Class: Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 35
Health: 120
Mobility: 4
Damage: 75 - 125/50-75
Range:  ?
Costs: Gold = 1000

Gems = 120

Deploy = 3 M

Weapon Anti-pers/Fire
1st ability SMG Burst
2nd ability Molotov Strike

The Soviet Union had long been infamous for its poorly trained infantrymen who served as nothing more than cannon fodder. This may be so for the unfortunate conscripts, but the same ideology is not shared with the Red Soldiers, the enlistees of the People’s Army.

The origins of the Red Soldiers root back to the dark, tyrannic days of the absolute monarchy of the Tsar, when these troopers were the loyal guards of aristocracy. When the brave people screamed for revolution and freedom, it was the job of the Tsarist guards to shoot such revolutionaries on sight. However, even that had limits for the dogs of the old ways, as they came to realize that the men they shot were the very people they had enlisted to protect. Soon, a large contingent of Tsarist guards joined the revolutionaries into a grueling civil war-one which the red revolution had won.

Due to this civil war, the surviving Tsarist guards (who had by then changed their names to the Red Soldiers) had gained much experience in urban warfare and were tuned into fine light infantrymen, using their sub-machine guns and vast numbers to their full potential. During the early days of the European war, the Storm Troopers were astonished to find that they were in fact no longer battling against incompetent conscripts, but capable soldiers of the people, and many of the aristocratic dogs were killed before they realized what had hit them. Due to this, the opposing forces of the Red Revolution now tread carefully whenever they enter Soviet territory, afraid that they would be surrounded by the fearsome Red Soldiers, with ferocity unmatched and guns blazing. 

It is to note that any aspiring soldier who desires to become a comrade, a tank operator, or earn his place in any of the specialist infantry divisions have to serve a tour of duty as a red soldier. 

The standard issue equipment of red soldiers is tantamount to Russian efficiency. The PPsh-41 is the staple firearm of these forces, forged from stamped steel. It is made from 87 components that can be assembled by unskilled labourers using simple equipments that can be found in most automotive repair garages, many of said components having been taken directly from other weapons with slight repurposing. It is estimated that PPsh factories can manage outputs of around 3000 units a day. The drum magazine uses soviet pistol ammo and has a commendable fire rate and capacity.

UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait Base


UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait easternFront

Eastern Front

UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait NightWitches

Night Witches

UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait Siberian


UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait airborn


UNI RedSoldier 3DPortrait bellorus


Special Abilities

1. Weapon: [ Burst]: Fires a concentrated salvo

Type: Targeted Attack

Damage: Medium

Range: short

Special: When deployed, this is a longer burst which does increased damage.

2. Weapon: [Molotov]:  : Throws a burning flask

Type: Area Attack (small)

Damage: Light

Range: Short

Special: Fire burns for 1 turn, and has a 3 turn cooldown