The African Rebels
WAR Rebels Portrait
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Infantry
Units: 5
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 40
Health: 60
Mobility: 3.5
Damage: 40-60
Range: 45
Icon gold
= N/A

Icon gem
= N/A


Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability Rifle volley
2nd ability None

As long as the colonial powers have interfered with the African continent, there have always been individuals who have wanted said colonials gone and were willing to make it so by any means. There have always been tyrants, dictators and other political figures with enough charisma and influence to muster the locals and fight their oppressors. Said figures often have illicit connections and are suitably cunning to manipulate the enraged populous following them. It is not surprising though that said following is so large considering the mistreatment and abuse that many of the natives have received .

Many of the rebels are nothing more than disenfranchised citizens, taking up pirated or stolen arms, following the ideals of their figurehead because they believe desperately in them as an icon of salvation. Rebel groups tend to be trained in hometowns by a lieutenant who knows the warlord. Said individuals are generally close to the warlord because of their connections that the warlord has utilised, with their command ranks being given as perk whether or not they are capable of the role. Rebel groups are heavily influenced by guerrilla and militia tactics, acting alone they are little more than minor nuisances who could be eventually crushed by a professional force. However, the alliance of warlords managed to use their rebel following as an effective distracting element, keeping hostile reinforcements busy or misdirecting the enemy entirely. The sheer quantity of rebel groups and their widespread nature does prove that an angered population is the greatest threat to a foreign occupation.

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