The People's Truck
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Light Armor
Sight: 60
Health: 200
Mobility: 4
Damage: 0
Range:  ?
Costs: Gold = 1400

Gems = 170

Deploy = 2E 1C

Weapon None
1st ability Propaganda
2nd ability Inspiration

When the communists took over the Russian Tzardom, they didn't only change the political system of the nation. They also put strenuous effort into changing the national identity of the people of the now gone Russian Empire.

Across many villages and cities in the Soviet Union, there are the People's trucks. These vehicles , the brainchild of the Ministry of Propaganda, would deliver the Russian people, their new identity. Broadcasting party propaganda about the bright future that communism offered, the people's truck became a part of life for the ordinary soviet citizen.

When the terrible war against Europe started, the people's truck accompanied the armies of the Union on their campaign. Even in the heat of battle, as bullets and shells were flying, the soldiers would hear the broadcast of the people's truck urging them forward against the imperialists of Europe, telling them that this is a just war and that they are liberators.

"Forward comrades, kill the Hungarian imperialist dogs! The protetariat of Hungary cried for salvation! Do not turn your back on their cry!

- People's truck broadcast during the siege of Budapest

• Propaganda: Heals 20-40 HP and gives 50% damage boost to allied ground units within 32. • Demoralize: Disables the attack of enemies within 32. One turn cooldown.

UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait Base


UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait EasternFront

Eastern Front

UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait Nightwitches

Night Witches

UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait Siberian


UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait Airborn


UNI PeopleTruck 3DPortrait Bellorus


Special Abilities

1. Ability: [Incite Fervor]: Fires a concentrated salvo

Type: Aura boost

Radius: short

Special: Boosts firepower of friendly units by 50% for 1 turn.

2. Weapon: [Demoralize]: Propaganda sows doubt among the ranks of enemies

Type: Aura

Range: Short

Special: Reduced fire power of enemy units within radius by 50% for 1 turn