Naval Infantry
UNI NavalTroops Portrait
Class: Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 35
Health: 120
Mobility: 4.5
Damage: 75-125/175-225
Range: 45
Costs: Gold = 1250

Gems = 150

Deploy = 4 M

Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability SMG Burst
2nd ability Point Blank Fire

The Soviet Naval Infantry or “Морская пехота” is one of the most hallowed military branches of the Soviet armed forces. The first regiments were formed during the times of the Napoleonic wars and ever since have been responsible for amphibious assaults and special operations. They have been deployed on many theaters such as the Crimean War and various battles in the East against what was once China.

The main recruitment sources for the naval infantry are decorated regular army veterans. Once a soldier has proved himself and his loyalty, his superiors could recommend him for a promotion to the naval infantry. This marks the start of a brutal training and examination period that is aimed at weeding out the weak, unfit or otherwise unusable recruits. Snipers are assigned to the naval reconnaissance, Infantry men – to the regular regiments. Among many other disciplines, the naval infantrymen needs to be loyal beyond question. That is why all recruits need to pass a “re-educational” course in communist ideology. This makes for a potent and fanatical force of well-equipped, well trained soldiers.

On the battlefield, the Naval Infantry leads by example, often taking on the heaviest enemy troops. Their special ability of giving a hail of bullets at close range can be attributed with their potent experience in boarding actions between narrow corridors within hostile naval vessels.

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