Canadian Mounties
REP Mounties Portrait
Class: Infantry
Units: 4
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 120
Mobility: 9
Damage: 120-160
Range: 30
Costs: Gold = 1000

Gems = 120

Deploy = 4M

Weapon Anti-Personnel (AA)
1st ability SMG Burst
2nd ability Sprint

Having shaken off the imperial yoke of the European Alliance, Canada's national border with the United States became little more than a state boundry within the Republic. Rather than dissolve the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the force was simply restyled. Now the Republican Mounted Police, these far-ranging cavalrymen patrol the former Canadian frontier for spies and saboteurs attempting to exploit the vast northern border of the Republic. Here, their horses and outdoorsmanship allow them to net countless Soviet and European infiltrators attempting to make their way to the Great Lakes industrial region or the rail lines that cross the interior.

Not all of their operations are defensive, however. Given the Mounties' mastery of reconissance and fieldcraft, two skills greatly valued by the Army, Mounties are regularly granted leave from police duty to serve in specially formed reconissance units. With their horses and spurs traded in for submachine guns, these infantrymen maintain cavalry dash and daring on the battlefield, covering tremendous distances on foot where your average G.I. would struggle with underbrush. Finding enemy positions, chasing down fleeing enemies or exploiting a gap in the line, Mounties serve as "foot cavalry" for the sometimes ponderous Republican infantry batallions.

No skins.

Its the UR's Mobile infantry unit, being able to close the distance and cover large grounds of assault or siege maps thanks to its secondary skill.

Its primary damage output is slightly more than that of the G.I (120-160 compared to G.I's 100-150), but is not equipped with the G.I's ever versatile grenade. However, the mountie can be used to take a point much further from your deploy zone and harrass the opposing player while slower units like Grunts take over closer points close to your spawn point for late game.