Medical Jeep
REP MedicalJeep Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 40
Health: 100
Mobility: 11
Damage: +30-50
Range: 0-15/0-15
Costs: Gold = 5000

Gems = ?

Deploy = 2E

Weapon Healing
1st ability Medical Supplies
2nd ability Triage Aura

These jeeps often belong to mobile field hospitals, or M*A*S*H units, that follow behind the front lines, packing up their temporary field stations and taking it with them. Medical jeeps often act as first response, working in conjunction with field medics, they can lug onto the battlefield necessary equipment to stabilize any wounded who can then also be transported back to a nearby field hospital for treatment. Medical jeeps and field hospitals to which they belong are often crewed by former civilian doctors, who have little training in fighting and take their vows to preserve life seriously, however they do often have for better medical knowledge than those in the field and can tend successfully to far more major injuries. The aid symbol plastered onto all medical jeeps to make the enemy aware that they are non combatants; however some of the more fanatical factions would particularly target these jeeps, well aware of the humanitarian function.

The medical jeep has all the strengths and weaknesses of its traditional counterpart, some would say its mobility it is put to far better use in life preservation. However a medical jeep is often crewed by far fewer individuals, with one or two surgeons leaving enough room to transport more wounded, though they are often wearing less protection. I it takes fewer shots to disable the unprotected medical jeep, despite its job being so important, it often needs others to secure its perimeter, or the loss of the medical jeep will consequentially lead to the deaths of far more young men.

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No skins.

The medical jeep, along with the BA-10, is one of the two vehicles that cost 2e. It can be used to contest enemy captures in a cost effective manner during early game assaults.

The medical jeep can also be seen as an advanced version of the medic, being able to heal multiple units around a small Area of Effect. Although not exactly cost effective, the medical jeep is also capable of increasing the healing output of a single medic.