The Manchurian Infantry
EMP ManchurianInfantry Portrait
Faction: Shogun Empire
Class: Infantry
Units: 5
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 9
Damage: 75-125/60-100
Range: 30/2
Icon gold
= 1000

Icon gem
= 120


Weapon Anti-Pers(AA)/


1st ability SMG Burst
2nd ability Sword Strike

The Sino-Japanese War was one of the most ruthless battles fought in the modern- day Pacific Asia. The commanders of the shogunate, despite having superior technology, strategy, and better trained men, still found themselves in a three months stalemate, costing countless number of lives for the Imperial Army. There were a few reasons why this was so, among them the fact that the Shogunate during the 1890s did not have access to effective armor transportation technology, and the painfully apparent geographical and terrain advantages possessed by the barbarian horde. However, such problems were already counted upon and calculated by the Shogunate’s finest generals... But then, how did such a militaristic failure arise?

The answer came from the infinite hordes of the Manchurian infantrymen who made it absolute that the Imperial Army would have to pay for every inch of land with blood. While poorly trained, equipped, and motivated, the Manchurian soldiers were noted to have possessed an admirable and nearly miraculous degree of camaraderie (or horde mentality, as the enemies of the Shogunate would come to call it). This also meant that individual squads were often too weak to function on their own, but when these men gathered by the hundreds and thousands, they managed to survive longer, and actually used their firearms with increasing proficiency.

Such admirable qualities were noted by the ever so benevolent Shogunate. After the campaign in China had finally been completed, the brave Manchurian militia were given the choice to join the Shogunate’s proud forces in exchange for the safety of their families and plentiful food. The troopers of Manchuria agreed upon such a “contract” in droves and became auxiliary troops among the Imperial Army. Meanwhile, the Chinese patriots and communists who dissented and resisted against the kind arms of the Emperor were promptly massacred.

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The horde aura range is 3 squares and it doesn't chain. So for each other manchurian within 3 squares, the manchurian gets +10% max hp and firepower.