Light Tank
Empire light tank
Class: Vehicle, Heavy
Units: 1
Defense: Armoured, Light
Sight: 60
Health: 200
Mobility: 14
Damage: 60-80/60-90
Range: 20-65
Costs: Gold = 1,500

Gems = 185

Deploy = 3E

Weapon Anti-Armour/Hunting
1st ability Cannon shot
2nd ability Canister shot

The Imperial Light Tank is the main battle tank of the Shogun Empire. It was designed as rapid reconnaissance and infantry support vehicle. Within an army that is steeped in traditions and superstitions, the light tank is perhaps the only weapon engine that is visibly foreign to the armies of the empire, but crucial non-the-less.

Its light steel armour allows for some protection against shells and its 37 mm cannon allowed it to pick off supply trucks and damage the tracks of the heavier tanks. What the Light Tank might lack in sheer firepower and weight , it more than makes up with speed and accuracy. It is not uncommon for a Light Tank to drive in circles around its heavier counterparts , out speeding the slower movement and turret speed of the heavy tanks and firing in their fuel-tanks and tracks.

The tank schools of the Shogun Empire are renowned for the discipline, clock-work coordination and skill of cadets. On the battlefield, they execute complex strategic plans with pinpoint accuracy and precision and that makes them deadly.

The Light Tank is not a weapon that wins a battle instantly, it requires skill and strategy from its crew. Much in the way of the Katana, the Light Tank shell strike is precise, surgical and in the hands of the right crew, a formidable opponent.

EMP LightTank 3DPortrait Base


EMP LightTank 3DPortrait Kakihaidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP LightTank 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP LightTank 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Front

EMP LightTank 3DPortrait RisingSun

Rising Sun

The canister shot is a single-target short range blast of 60-80 hunting damage. Cooldown 3 turns.