Class: Light Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armoured, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 175
Mobility: 7
Damage: 150-200/100-150x3
Range: 45-120/90-150
Costs: Gold = 7500

Gems = 900

Deploy =4E 4C

Weapon Concussive/Concussive
1st ability Cannon Shot
2nd ability Tripple Shot

The Republic Howitzer in particular strikes fear into the hearts of the men the United Republic claims to be liberating. Its long range, highly destructive blasts are infamous for annihilating masses of enemies who have no way of seeing the attack coming. When the United Republic attempted to drive forces sympathetic to the Soviets out of the South American jungles, this bad boy was responsible for the majority of enemy casualties, as well as the destruction of large parts of the rainforest, leaving the Red Threat nowhere to hide.

Nicknamed Uncle Sam, the Republic Howitzer is the epitome of 20th century mobile artillery cannons. Research funded by some of the wealthiest people in the world has resulted in a mass producible cannon without equal. And with highly trained soldiers to operate this machine, who would dare stand in the way of the Republic’s quest to spread freedom?

REP Howitzer 3DPortrait Base


REP Howitzer 3DPortrait 14thAD

14th Armored

REP Howitzer 3DPortrait Ardennen


REP Howitzer 3DPortrait ArmyGreen


REP Howitzer 3DPortrait MacArthur


The howitzer can be considered as the most powerful late-game artillery in the game. With a huge range and devastating concussive damage, the howitzer poses a threat to all ground units in game, whether they be tanks or infantry. Use the howitzer alongside jeeps to fire across the battle map, increasing pressure on opposing players. A recommended method of doing so is to fire upon recently spawned enemy infantry units, as the Howitzer has a 50% chance of suppressing infantry and beasts.

The secondary attack is powerful, but situational at best. Use it to either serve as an area denial weapon or wipe out infantry units on resource or spawn points.

Special Abilities