Heavy Tank
Heavy Tank
Class: Armored Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 30
Health: 350
Mobility: 9
Damage: 150-200/75-125
Range: 40-100
Costs: Gold = 6000

Gems = 720

Deploy = 5E

Weapon Anti-Armor
1st ability Cannon Shot
2nd ability Shock Shell

With the development and formation of the European tank corps, the design of a new battle tank became apparent. There was a need to unify and standardize the skills and training of the various tank armies of Europe so that they might combat the threat of Communism as a unified force. The various tank schools of Europe advocated their approaches to warfare as the best there are. The Armée Française were advocating for tanks as an infantry supporting force, whereas the Armáda Česka were seeing tanks only as mobile artillery. There were many disagreements and arguments, but in the end it was the proposition of the Norwegian “Forsvaret” that was agreed upon.

The proposition was for tanks to become the head of the European hammer. They would not focus on mobility but on fire power and armor thickness. The new tank will be the first European force in a battle and provide mobile cover for advancing infantry.

The Norwegian G-89 “Thor” pattern became the main battle tank of the European army. Its 120 mm “Mjolnir” cannon would provide a punch that was comparable to few others and its augmented steel armor could withstand an artillery shot.

ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait Base


ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait British


ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait German


ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait French


ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait RedWall

Red Wall

ALI HeavyTank 3DPortrait Cossack


Logistical Info

Heavy Tanks cost 6000 Gold off-field and 6 Engineering points on-field. This makes them rather expensive, but they the toughest primary vehicle in the game. Have about 3 in stock, and you should be set.

Primary Attack-Cannon Shot

The Cannon shot deals a significant amount of damage against vehicles, and will obliterate most vehicular enemies in two shots. The vehicle can have AT Criticals, which will disable either movement, attack or both. Expect to deal around 135 damage a round.

Passive Ability-Behemoth

The Behemoth passive ability, which is shared with the Churchill Tank, provides a 25% armour buff to nearby infantry. This buff can be useful if retreating from anti-personnel units, although be aware of artillery in the vicinity, as they will devastate clustered units.

General Tips

The Heavy Tank is the most durable primary vehicle, and will absorb a good deal of damage before going down. Don't go for a Heavy Tank if you have Command points (Stars) available. Crocodiles, Sturmtigers, Siege Tanks and other specialist vehicles are probably a better bet, as they cost the same Engineering points, but can be much more useful if chosen properly.