Class: Infantry
Units: 3
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30/15
Health: 130
Mobility: 9/7
Damage: 175-225
Range: 16/24
Costs: Gold = 1250

Gems = 150

Deploy = 3M

Weapon Anti-Armor
1st ability AT Grenades
2nd ability Shields Up/Shields Down

The Grenadier Guard companies have been part of the European armies for centuries. Traditionally only the tallest, bravest and physically strongest soldiers were hand picked for the prestigious promotion of Grenadier! They were always armed with the best weapons available and were relied on turn the tide of battle in their favor as soon as they entered the battlefield.

These superbly drilled troops currently form the vanguard of the European armies and are always deployed there where the fighting is thickest or the other troops just cannot break through. Steeped in the traditions of the Swedish Kungliga Livgardet and the British Grenadier Corps, the grenadiers are the bravest, most disciplined and senior infantry unit in the European army.

The traditional role of the Grenadier regiments was to discharge a volley into the enemies and then proceed to charge them in hand to hand combat, where their superior strength and training's weight can be brought to bare. As the art of war evolved, the Grenadiers of the European army have taken a different role. Frontal assault on heavily fortified positions has become the forte of the European Grenadiers. Where other soldiers are bogged down, the grenadiers proceed under the cover of their heavy steel shields. Once they have come close enough, they begin to pepper the enemy with Implosion Anti-Tank Grenades and finish the fight with a hand-to-hand charge like their forefathers did!

ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait Base


ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait British


ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait German


ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait French


ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait RedWall

Red Wall

ALI Grenadiers 3DPortrait Cossack


Special Abilities

Deploy: When deployed, it cannot move but Full Automatic can be used

1. Weapon: [Grenades]: Throws Implosion Grenade

Type: Targeted Attack

Damage: Strong

Range: Very Short

Special conditions: Indirect attack, no line of sight necessary

2. Passive ability: [Shield]:  : The unit hides behind its tower shield

Armor: Received a huge bonus to armor

Special conditions: Movement speed and sight are reduced by 50%