French Grenadiers
ALI FrenchGrenadiers Portrait
Class: Infantry
Units: 3
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30/15
Health: 160
Mobility: 9/7
Damage: 125-175
Range: 20/28
Costs: Gold = 1,250

Gems = 150

Deploy = 4M

Weapon Anti-Personnel
1st ability Nail Bombs
2nd ability Shields Up/Shields Down

The French Grenadiers are elite infantry of the French Army. Much like the “Old Guard” of Napoleon, only the tallest, fittest and most imposing soldiers are recruited in the “Grenadier Garde”. Among these there are several other requirements such as years of service as well as conflicts deployment. A soldier needs to have served at least in three wars, whether they be colonial or local to be even considered for a promotion to the Grenadier Guard.

The French grenadiers are specialized in anti-infantry operations. Armed with shrapnel grenades, the grenadiers are highly capable of ripping apart even the best infantrymen entrenched in the heaviest covers imaginable.

Each member of the Grenadier Garde is a highly trained and experienced soldier and mustered into regiments; a formidable sight on any battlefield. Almost always above average height (1.85 meters (6 ft 1 in)) and being imposingly well-built, a member of the Grenadier Garde was taught to fight unlike any other soldier in the French Army. Any cowardly tendencies or otherwise cautious habits would be thoroughly purged through the help of longer and more intense training. Yet the French Grenadier Guard earned its fearsome reputation through the many military engagements of the Soviet-European war and the African rebellions where this elite regiment earned a fearsome nickname – “Gargantua’s Regiment”

No skins.

Special Abilities