Foot Soldiers
Dragon Guard
Faction: Shogun Empire
Class: Infantry
Units: 5
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 25
Health: 60
Mobility: 8
Damage: 40-60/40-80
Range: 40/2
Icon gold
= 0

Icon gem
= 0


Weapon Anti-Pers(AA)/


1st ability Rifle volley
2nd ability Katana Strike

Foot soldiers are the primary soldiers and combatants of the Shogun Empire’s armed forces. Recruited from rural and city slums of the empire's colonial territories, the foot soldiers are given basic training and rudimentary equipment. Despite possessing vastly inferior firearms compared to the equivalent rank and file soldiers of other factions, the foot soldiers manage to stand on top due to their fanatic devotion in the emperor. This makes them very determined soldiers, grim in defense and aggressive on the attack.

As they are too lightly armed to take down heavier targets, Foot Soldiers are expected to hold the line until better equipped soldiers come to score the kill. Even so, the foot soldiers are still very capable in hand-to-hand combat, brandishing their enemies with factory grade katanas after peppering their enemies with their Arisaka rifles. Many generals had initially laughed at the Shogun Empire for equipping their men with a sword seemingly belonging to an era centuries past, only to be caught off-guard when their men reported that countless number of troopers had lost their lives after multiple suicidal assaults made by fanatic Foot Soldiers.

The first time such a charge was seen by westerners was during the battle of Singapore. The few remaining British garrison forces were completely caught off guard, when the foot soldiers of the Jade Chrysanthemum division sounded the charge. Chanting battle cries and praises to the Emperor, the Foot soldiers decimated the remaining garrison.

EMP FootSoldiers 3DPortrait Base


EMP FootSoldiers 3DPortrait Kakihaidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP FootSoldiers 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP FootSoldiers 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Front

The Foot Soldiers are like other cannon-fodders from other factions, have 60 health with 40-60 antipersonnel damage. They are, however, a cut above those of other factions due to their secondary melee attack. It can be used to catch unsuspecting opponents off guard, shaving off decent amounts of health of much more expensive infantry units at a moment's notice. Its hunting damage can be used to deal heavy amounts of damage to Hulks and African Warlord Beasts.

However, do take note that, no matter how good the foot soldier may be compared to other 2 manpower units of other factions, a Foot Soldier is still a Foot Soldier. It is slow and is easily crippled. Consider the Foot Soldiers always as a valid option, but never a direct method to victory.

Note: Katana strike is a melee range hunting attack. Cooldown 2 turns.