The Flame Tank
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 30
Health: 200
Mobility: 14
Damage: 75-125/75-125
Range: 25-35/25-35
Costs: Gold = 5000

Gems = 600

Deploy = 4E 2C

Weapon Fire/Fire
1st ability Flame Burst
2nd ability Sea of Fire

The Flame tank ,as the name suggests, is a flame-thrower tank of the Shogun Empire that is based upon the Empire's light tank chassis. Its main weapon is the TU-5 Cannon, also known as "Dragon's Breath", which is a large Flamer that projects streams of burning Napalm at range, making the Flame tank well-suited to close-range fire support missions such as countering enemy melee units that attempt to assault Imperial Armour and driving dug-in enemies out of cover.

The Flame tank replaces the armor storage compartment of the Light tank with a large Napalm storage tank, as its main weapon needs a lot of fuel to function. The large storage tank replaces heavily armored shell storage compartment, this makes the fuel tank, and the vehicle itself, vulnerable to enemy weapons.

The Flame tank is widely used by the Empire's armies as a useful weapon to clear enemies out of cover. These tanks usually make up their own company in an imperial armored column, but are rarely fielded as one. Instead the Flame tank is attached to infantry and armored regiments as they are needed. There are very few armies of the Empire lucky enough to possess an entire company of these tanks. The crew of a Flame tank are often considered brave as the tank is prone to exploding catastrophically if an enemy round detonates the fuel tank, but many Flame tank crews are made up of pyromaniacs, who actually prefer the tank's fire-based weapons and spend much of their free time playing with the output of the Flame tank's napalm dispersal valves to increase the vehicle's fire output. This is discouraged by Imperial commanders, as it makes these vehicles even more prone to explosion.

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EMP FlameTank 3DPortrait Base


EMP FlameTank 3DPortrait Kakiheidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP FlameTank 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP FlameTank 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Front

EMP FlameTank 3DPortrait RisingSun

Rising Sun