Field Artilery
REP FieldArtillery Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 7
Damage: 60-100/75-125
Range: 60-100/60-100
Costs: Gold = 3200

Gems = 385

Deploy = 2M 2E

Weapon Concussive/Anti-Personnel
1st ability Howitzer Shot
2nd ability Airburst Shot

The 100mm Field artillery gun, unofficially known as a “The Doorbell”, is a single barrelled, short-range artillery weapon, used by the United Republic. This field artillery piece receives its unusual name from the distinctive sound it makes when firing.

Designed for close proximity to the battle, the Doorbell can be hauled with relative ease comparing to the howitzer or the other heaver pieces of artillery. Operated by a three man team and a forward observer, the field artillery is designed to provide fire support to advancing troops and to destroy field fortifications. The standard issue Doorbell of the United republic is directed not so much at destroying fortification, but on firing highly explosive shells at enemy soldiers.

Its airburst shells are designed at taking out infantry with a very specific warhead. Its warhead is armed at a very special chemical toxin that separates oxygen molecules and ingites them upon explosion. This increases the blast various immensely and is extremely dangerous for enemy infantry.

The Field artillery offers great flexibility and invaluable firepower to any battle plan of the United Republic.

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No skins.


The Field Artillery is a truly devastating anti-infantry artillery, able to provide both anti-personnel and hunting damage depending on the situation. Although completely useless against heavily armored vehicles, the Field Artillery can be used to deal decent amounts of damage to all infantry units while having an amazing 50% chance to suppress them.

More notably however is the fact that the field artillery is the only artillery unit in-game to be able to deal hunting damage. Use the field artillery to devastate beasts or units capable of increasing their armor such as Cossacks or Mexican Infantrymen.

It is highly recommended to make use of the field artillery along with the quartermaster to do more damage per shot.