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The European Army is steeped in the martial traditions of the old colonial empires and the drive for technology of the new dieselpunk age. Its infantry are disciplined and drilled to perfection, presenting its commander with a professional force that is capable and fearsome.

The true power of the European armies lies in their heavy use of mechanised armored divisions. The European tank divisions are the awe of the world. No other force posseses such superbly designed and manufactured engines of war. The Heavy Tanks are the tip of the spear in every charge with organised ranks of infantry following them, while the massive Siege Tanks bring they deadly payload to bear.

"We knew that it 'was' an attack with armored vehicles, but we weren't prepared for this... nobody told us."

- Private Vasilievitch, 103rd Infantry Division, The Red Army


Light Armoured Vehicles

Heavy Armoured Vehicles


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