March of War Wiki

"There is but death and duty"

Strong Points

  • Tough Units
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Varied Support Infantry
  • Long Ranged Weapons

Weak Points

  • Expensive Units
  • Limited Artillery

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European Alliance Leadership
European Alliance Military

Home Territories

  • England
  • Northern France
  • Western Germany


The Alliance favors heavy units which can bring to bear long range firepower. They have specialist support units for repair, action resets, calling in artillery strikes, and more. They use expensive elite infantry and slow, but heavily armored, vehicles.


The European Alliance is the result of desperation, necessity and arrogance of the old colonial empires. In an attempt to destabilize a possible Franco-Russian alliance, the German Kaiser Wilhelm II sponsored a group of radical Socialists to stir up trouble in Russia. The radical People’s Will succeeded in assassinating the Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1881 and this led to the formation of the Soviet Union. Although a diplomatic masterstroke, in one sense, the actions of the German Kaiser proved to have grave results for Europe as a whole.

The newly-formed Soviet Union began funding socialist movements across Africa, Europe, and the Americas. With growing alarm, the European empires observed the Soviet Union becoming more and more radical and expansionist. All over Europe, governments tried to prevent the rise of socialism within and without their borders. To combat the threat of further socialist aggression, the European nations formed an Alliance. They each promised that, should the Soviet Union attack, they would stand as one. In their fervor to spread communism across the world, the Soviet Union invaded Europe and started the Great European War.

"For King, for Queen, for Country, FOR THE ALLIANCE!"

Seeing the Soviet monster of their own creation invade Europe, the European nations united their forces to fight back the Red tide. As the war became more and more brutal, the European Alliance was forced to withdraw its army and resources from its colonial possessions. This gave the colonies the opportunity to free themselves from their colonial overlords. The colonies in Asia were seized by the Shogun Empire, the possessions in Africa successfully rebelled and Latin America was also lost to Europe. The European Alliance would desperately try to regain its former power in the colonies, while keeping the socialist threat to the east at bay. Not an easy feat, when their old ally, theUnited Republic, has turned its back on Europe after English forces refused to help Republic soldiers on Hainan Island.