Dragon Monk
Michallisowski dragon KUS FIX
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 80
Health: 70
Mobility: 11
Damage: None
Range: 0-16/20
Costs: Gold = 3,000

Gems = 360

Deploy = 1M 2C

Weapon Disable
1st ability Smoke Screen
2nd ability Hallucinogenic Bomb

The mist rises over Hino Mountain deep in the heart of Echizen and all seems to be at peace. However out of the mist looms the great fortress shrine of the Dragon Monks. The locals believe that the shrine is shrouded in black magic and dare not approach the great red gates. This shrine is the home of the Emperors feared dragon monks sworn by blood to serve him till death and he could not wish for a greater cult of warriors. Many are thought to have died in this process but those who survive it are never the same again, the battlefield is where they make their new home.

The monks are taught to venerate the Emperor as a God, devoting not just their bodies, but even their souls to him in the same ways as the Immortals of ancient Persia. As they only have loyalties to one figure they lack the weaknesses of the Western powers filled with quibbling politicians and generals.

From all around the empire children are brought to fortress to join the order. They are not seen again until many years later, when they emerge bathed in the fire of the great dragon. Under a baptism of fire they are taught the meaning of pain, experiencing horrors unknown to even the greatest warriors. They keep the secrets of the temple well guarded but we do know that the monks are trained in the deadly arts of deception mastering the use of hallucinogenic grenades. Even the most battle-hardened troops cower in fear from the monks. They say that it is their dark magic that reduces the Emperor’s enemies to nothing more than frightened children.

‘We are the children of the dragon, the sword that guards his kingdom and the watcher in the darkness.’

4th book of the Dragon Monk Chronicles

EMP DragonMonk 3DPortrait Base


EMP DragonMonk 3DPortrait Kakihaidan

Kaki Heidan

EMP DragonMonk 3DPortrait Shanghai


EMP DragonMonk 3DPortrait SovietFront

Soviet Storm

EMP DragonMonk 3DPortrait RisingSun

Rising Sun

Smoke Screen is a short radius (2 squares around the monk) point blank aoe smoke that buffs infantry inside it with invisible. Affects the monk as well. No cooldown.

Hallucinogenic bomb is a short range (3 squares) small aoe (2 square radius) burst that gives a -100% move and -100% firepower penalty to infantry for 1 turn. No cooldown. Can be used to essentially freeze infantry in the radius indefinitely.