The Command Half-Track
ALI CommandHalfTrack Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 225
Mobility: 9
Damage: 0/125-175
Range: 50/30-80
Costs: Gold = 2500

Gems = 300

Deploy = 1E 4C

Weapon Concussive
1st ability Direct
2nd ability Mortar Strike

The war between Europe and the Soviet Union changed the way battles were fought. The complexity of battle plans was intensified due to the various technological breakthroughs that were made widely employed by both armies. The war itself was on a different scale with millions of soldiers fighting on both lines. With such scale battlefields, the need for a mobile command post closer to the battle became crucial.

The first to adopt this approach to war was the European alliance. Relying on elite infantry and mechanical armies, the European High Command sought to improve and smoothen the synergy between the two forces. Thus the command half-track was introduced as a standard supplement to each battlefield that involved larger numbers of soldiers. The standard Half-Truck was refitted with radio and communications abilities as well as a increased armor and more powerful engine. The ammunitions compartment and quad-cannon stripped and the room left redesigned as a mobile command center.

This innovation allowed European commanders to be much closer to the battlefield and coordinate their troops much more efficiently. When directly into the fight, the command vehicle will issue orders based on information from the whole area, thus providing valuable insight to otherwise isolated infantry and tank units.

No skins.

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