The Chemical Bus
CAR ChemicalBus Portrait
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 40
Health: 300
Mobility: 14
Damage: 100-150
Range: 25-35/0-20
Costs: Gold = 9150

Gems = 1100

Deploy = 5E 4C

Weapon Toxic/Toxic
1st ability Toxic Spray
2nd ability Gas Release

The Chemical bus is a variation of the standard Assault Bus armored personnel carrier. Although retaining the increased maneuverability and solid defense capabilities, the Chemical bus is outfitted to serve a very different purpose on the battlefield. Instead of transporting troops around the battlefield and serving as a mobile hospital, the Chemical bus’s role is to drive straight into the enemy’s positions and spray them with a deadly toxin.

During the rebellions in South America, the guerillas were at first hard pressed in terms of weaponry. Fire arms were still scarce and not enough to completely arm the rebels, so they were forced to turn to more traditional methods. A number of Amazonian tribes had joined the rebellion and with them, they brought a treasure trove of knowledge on the most dangerous poisons, toxins and viruses of the Amazon. This knowledge along with the cantankerous scientists of the Latin Junta brought forth a mass producible toxin on an industrial scale.

At first carried around with stolen infantry flamethrowers from factions around the world, The junta demonstrated that they were a faction to reckon with, Especially with the UR, Who had a first hand taste of the Junta's Demented concoctions. Unfortunately, these flamethrowers could easily be punctured by small arms fire, While not as volatile as Flamethrower fuel, the Toxic nature of the contents taught that even the junta were not immune.

Therefore, A larger vehicular nature was developed, utilizing the reliable Assault bus, the Chemical bus was the first design to be created by the junta. By simply removing the interior seats left room for large fuel tanks containing the best of the Juntan mad doctors. Auto cannon was also replaced with a pneumatic nozzle jet fitted on the roof to safely disperse the Toxins against its enemies and not place any risk to the Despersers themselves. It also fitted in nozzles around the Exterior of the bus to spray a Poison gas around it, if any infantry decide to swarm the large vehicle.

This unit uses the same model as he Assault Bus, the only visible difference is the Hazardous Materials logo on the back of the vehicle.

This is a recommended unit for Shogun conquest.

She starts with 2/3 the health of an assault bus, so keep her safe.