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Units are the obvious workhorse for any army in the world. Each one is unique in their own way making everyone great against some and weak against others.  The main idea you should remember is that you do NOT lose units in your entire army if they die in combat. These unit cards will never disappear whenever you lose in combat.

Therefore you can only Gain more units, but keep in mind that the maximum number of Cards that you purchased is the maximum  number of troops or tanks you can deploy, so its best not to get them destroyed.

On that note, I guess the next part is determining which faction you want to choose for units. There 6 factions at war in this game, and each one has their own faction specific units.

When starting your game and creating your character, you will be given a summary on the unit powers in your faction that you want to pick.Example: European alliance's main focus is on tanks and Long range weapons, so they get Crazy thick tanks, like the siege tank.

Depending on your play style and unit choices, the main point, is to have explosive fun!

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