• Gratuitous Lurking

    I appologize for my absense on the wiki, I have been majorly busy as far as real life is concerned out of nowhere, and thus didn't really have time to dedicate to March of War and my duties. Now that I've freed up a bit of time though, I'm going to try and put together more Strategy and Tips pages, very similar to the one I created for the Guerillas. I've still only got access to just Junta and European Alliance for factions, but hey, it's something that needs doing.

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  • Freedomtheory

    Episode 4?

    November 14, 2013 by Freedomtheory

    It's been five days since we saw the sneak peak for Episode 4: Exalted Heaven and I wonder when will we see the debut of Episode 4. I checked the ISOTX youtube channel and there are no trailors regarding Episode 4 and I'm not sure if we get the info so I'm asking, when will we see Episode 4?

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  • ErickGreaper


    September 20, 2013 by ErickGreaper

    Allright so i was in a pvp battle in Yukon, i was an AW and the enemy was UR. Since the begining the map seemed too big and all the capture points were too far from the initial deploy site so you couldn't capture any of them on the first round, so i spread my units trying to cover as much terrain as i could, then it was my enemy's turn, all normal, i couldn't see any of his units yet because like i said the map was really big, but then it was my turn again and it happened.

    I moved one of my units closer to a control point in the middle part of the map and i saw a giant gorilla-like creature standing on two feet about the sie of a war elephant. i was obviously surprised and moved the rest of my troops closer to this point in case the creatur…

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  • Dr. Feelgood

    Weekly Deals

    September 5, 2013 by Dr. Feelgood

    Anyone know what happens to the units you purchase in a weekly deal? Like it says four Naval Infantry, does that mean four units of Naval Infantry will be added to my current number of Naval Infantry for just one battle or permanently?

    Dr. Feelgood (talk) 05:54, September 5, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Leeterry1996

    This Blog will describe non-canon aspects of the United Republic of the March of War, or more specifically people whose stories are never tolled in the March of War game itself.

    Again, as the stories provided here are non-canon, do not depend on these stories as credible pieces of information and reference. The stories here will update... Infrequently, if you catch my drift...

    The first chapter tells the story of a group of Indian Hunters/mercenaries suppressing a group of Junta inspired Indian Rebels in the middle of the desert. (Updated Note: Due to the nature of the characters presented, there may be some politically incorrect views that are bound to offend. The opinions characters express do not in any way represent that of the author or…

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  • Coastwardchippy

    Our tale of deception continues from the standpoint of an infiltrating soviet spy.

    A swarm of putrid sticking vermin, scurrying from the war, this human filth would not be looked upon kindly by my masters, you fight for your home, and you fight to the last. You never run. I am trapped amongst them. But not for much longer.

    Refugees flock to their European masters like flies to a bloated carcass, feeding themselves while they still can. Paris is no different, whole neighbourhoods have been reoccupied after the original inhabitants had scarpered at the onset of war. The camps encroach on the secure sectors of the city, the sheer weight of people bearing down the barricades and checkpoints. The daily alms handouts generate queues miles upon mil…

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  • Coastwardchippy

    So I will be kicking off this blog with my debut to march of war fiction. Project Duplicity is somewhat of a spy thriller mini-series that takes place through three opposing viewpoints. Feedback is encouraged, trolls shall be smited, and so I shall begin this tale of deception and intrigue.

    I entered the commanding officer’s lounge. The smell of the finest cask aged brandy hit my nose followed by a nostalgic tickle of the lips. I had heard the camaraderie from outside but I knew I did not have the time for booze nor banter today, make my entrance and keep up appearances, but now, the company of other people was the last thing I wanted.

    “They say one cannot be both blind and stupid, well thank goodness I’m blind, I’d hate to be stupid”, I qui…

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  • Coastwardchippy

    Roll up roll up, welcome to my blog, ISOTX war correspondent coastwardchippy, amateur writer and fan-fic extraordinaire. So if anyone will be reading this, I will (hopefully) be bringing you stories from the march of war universe. If you are already following my creations in the ISOTX forum Then some of this may not be new to you.

    So welcome all and I hope you enjoy.

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