Biker Bomber
Warlord Biker
Faction: African Warlords
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 55
Health: 100
Mobility: 6.5
Damage: 125-175/125-175
Range: 20
Icon gold
= 800

Icon gem
= 100


Weapon Anti-Armor
1st ability AT Grenades
2nd ability Hit And Run

Similarly to techinals, motorbikes are highly common across the continent of Africa. The mobility they provide across the untamed countrysides of Africa has made them favourable compared to traditional road cars, especially since the majority of roads are dirt ones. It is unsurprising then that the ingenuitive nature of the warlords has found a way to utilise such a common resource. Biker bombers were one of the earliest fighting units that were formed during the revolution, coming from gang based roots.

When the warlords began to threaten the colonial regime, several influential motorcycle gangs took the opportunity to unleash some anarchy on the foreigners that had been equally exploitive to all natives. The gangs used their own motorbikes to perform hit and run attacks on colonial installations including the oppressing authorities, with Molotov’s being the main effective projectile hand. The chaos they caused help aid the warlord’s efforts and their success encouraged other gangs to perform similar attacks, spreading north through the British colonies from the troubled parts of the south. Holdings of the mighty British Empire were particularly targeted for colonial retribution due to their part in the slave trade, with Kenya, Sudan and Egypt quickly turned upon. The indirect support the gangs gave to the warlords caused them to be central in cleansing several metropolitan areas including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi and Cairo.

Eventually the gangs were inducted into the warlord’s regime, despite some difficult negotiations of terms, thus their tactics were adopted. A gang named the Desert Devils, who were one of the most prominent actors during the raids were tasked with the training the newly founded mounted bomber cadre, who with the resources of the warlords behind them had now adopted the use of military-tier grenades and western import motorbikes where available. The past has proven the capabilities of biker bombers; their evasiveness provides some of the protection that the bikes physically lack. They may well not be able to stand up to any repelling fire, but once the bombers do reach striking range, their strength soon becomes apparent.

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WAR BikerBomber 3DPortrait Base


WAR BikerBomber 3DPortrait Nomad


WAR BikerBomber 3DPortrait Persian


WAR BikerBomber 3DPortrait Zulu


WAR BikerBomber 3DPortrait Shaka2


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