Burley BazookaFINAL
Class: Infantry
Units: 3
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 100
Mobility: 9
Damage: 150-200/50-100
Range: 35/35
Costs: Gold = 1,200

Gems = 145

Deploy = 3M

Weapon Anti-Armor


1st ability Rocket Fire
2nd ability Shatter Shot

With the rising usage of heavy vehicles in the armies of Europe and the Soviet Union, the federal high command decided to use a significant amount of available military funds and manpower in training soldiers that can efficiently destroy armoured vehicles. As the federal mechanized corps made usage of mainly light vehicles that were no match for the heavy steel tanks used in the European war, the need for a cheap effective weapon that could be produced on a massive scale became apparent.

Combining these two focuses of the federal armed forces, the bazooka squads were created as special anti-tank weapon specialists within the Infantry corps of the United Republic. Armed with one of the most effective tank-hunting weapons in the world, the bazooka squads became quickly feared by Tank crews from Asia to South America. Being a small, mobile and highly potent force on the battlefield, the Bazooka squads could close up to a tank and fire off their Highly explosive rockets into its weak sides and rear armor.

Since their introduction, the Bazooka squads have been an integral part of the United republic’s forces and have been responsible for enemy vehicle loses in the thousands.

REP Bazooka 3DPortrait Base


REP Bazooka 3DPortrait 14th-AD

14th Armored

REP Bazooka 3DPortrait Ardennen


REP Bazooka 3DPortrait ArmyGreen


REP Bazooka 3DPortrait MacArthur


The Bazooka unit is capable of dishing large amount of damage to armored units both on ground and on air. It is a 3 man squad, so it will have a slower damage fall off to its Soviet Equivalent the RPG team. Do note, however that the RPG team has a very short range, probably meaning that they will usually be fired upon before they get in range to fire their weapons. It is recommended to use the Republic's jeep to increase range or the quartermaster to increase the damage output of the bazooka team by a huge 50%.

Special Abilities

1. Weapon: [Bazooka Launch]: Launches a rocket

Type: Targeted Attack

Damage: Medium

Range: Medium

2. Weapon: [Crack Armor]: Weakens the target's armor

Type: Targeted attack

Damage: Light

Range: Medium

Special: Enemies suffer a 25% armor penalty. Has a 3 turn cooldown