Assault Bus
Cartel Battle Bus
Class: Vehicle
Units: 1
Defense: Armored, Heavy
Sight: 40
Health: 300
Mobility: 14
Damage: 100-150/35-65
Range: 20-75/0-20
Costs: Gold = 7850

Gems = 945

Deploy = 5E 2C

Weapon Rending (AA)/Healing
1st ability Autocannon Burst
2nd ability Medical Support

As the Latin nations were rebelling against their European colonial overlords, the ill-equipped rag-tag bands of rebels had to improvise with their available means. Civilian vehicles were equipped with weapons to provide a mobile weapon platform much in the same way as the Technical of the African Warlords.

Although looking unassuming at first, the Assault bus is the prime armored personnel carrier of the armies of the Latin Junta. Armored with steel playing and reinforced windshields as well as tires, the Assault bus is more maneuverable than your average APC and is perfectly suited for urban warfare.

An Assault Bus is capable of carrying up to 25 fully armed Guerillas to the battlefield within its well-protected hull. There is also a hatch on the top of the vehicle, which provides its passengers with an opening from which to fire their weapons. It also provides a quick escape in the event of catastrophic damage, or if the other doors are jammed.

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CAR AssaultBus 3DPortrait Base


CAR AssaultBus 3DPortrait Amazon


CAR AssaultBus 3DPortrait Muerte


CAR AssaultBus 3DPortrait Patagonian


CAR AssaultBus 3DPortrait Guevara

Che Guevara

The Assault Bus, standing at 7850 dollars, is a rather expensive vehicle to buy. However, with the various things it is able to do, the Assault Bus will prove a worthy investment.

The Assault Bus' primary weapon, the Autocannon, is the bane of all infantry, aircraft and light vehicles, doing massive amounts of long range rending damage. This could be used for a variety of purposes such as pinning infantry and scout vehicles, taking down aircraft and far away artillery units while taking quite a bit of damage at the same time.

The Assault Bus' secondary ability is the only method which the Junta commander could use to heal nearby infantry. As it has no cool down, it could be continuously used to hold the line in siege mode, or recovering valuable near dead units such as the Jungle Warriors and the Amazon.

The Assault bus also has a passive ability that allows it to deploy guerrillas and peasant militia directly adjacent to it. This could be used to gather mass number of troops for a surprise attack, or even better, immediately cap a point on which the Assault Bus has landed on.