Burley AngelFINAL
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Organic, Light
Sight: 30
Health: 80
Mobility: 9
Damage: 60-100
Range: 80/120
Costs: Gold = 4,750

Gems = 570

Deploy = 2M 3C

Weapon Rending
1st ability Strafing Run
2nd ability Spy Plane

After a battle, a G.I. writes his sweetheart. During the battle, they call their Angel.

The Angel serves as the link between the Army and the Air Force in the United Republic. These classy dames are recruited from Airfield coordinators, navigators and other flight related professions to facilitate a coordinated execution of fire and maneuver between the pilots above and the troops below.

on the battlefield, the Angel makes an immense contribution to the performance of the regiment she has been attached to. In the heat of battle, when bullets are flying, it is the Angel that coordinates air support and gives the exact enemy position to the pilots so they can swoop in and blast the enemy into a pulp.

Much of the lauded air superiority of the United Republic is owed to the skill and knowledge of these servicewomen as well as their ability to keep their cool under fire. The Angel can also order a spy plane to scout possible enemy positions, thus preventing many ambushes and saving Republican lives.

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REP Angel 3DPortrait Base


REP Angel 3DPortrait 14th-Armor-division

14th Armored

REP Angel 3DPortrait Ardennen


REP Angel 3DPortrait ArmyGreen


REP Angel 3DPortrait MacArthur


The Angel is a very versatile unit, capable of dealing rending damage over an area of effect at a long range. It is very fragile however, so much care must be made to make sure the enemy does not have the opportunity to take her down. The angel's ability to suppress infantry units half of the time makes her strafing runs especially nasty.

Although it is tempting to use strafing runs at every turn, do consider the Angel's secondary ability. It can be used to uncover a huge amount of fog of war, allowing you to make full use of the Republic's arsenal of powerful infantry units.

Special Abilities

1. Ability: [Spy Plane]: Calls a spy plane to reveal the fog of war in an area

Type: targeted ability

Radius: Medium

Range: Medium

Special: Reveals the fog of war in a designated area

2. Weapon: [Strafing run]: Calls down a Mustang fighter to spray an area with bullets

Type: Area Attack (small)

Damage: Light

Radius: Small

Range: Medium

Special: A plane flies in and strafes the indicated area with high caliber bullets