AT Sniper
UNI ATSniper Portrait
Class: Infantry
Units: 1
Defense: Light Organic
Sight: 40
Health: 100
Mobility: 4
Damage: 100-150
Range: 45
Costs: Gold = 1250

Gems = 150

Deploy = 3 M 1 C

Weapon Anti-armor
1st ability Deploy
2nd ability AT Sniper Fire

With the introduction of tanks from the European Alliance, the Soviet Union dedicated much effort and resources in finding an efficient method to destroy these terrifying spectacles of human engineering. The first weapons to be deployed against these heavily armored vehicles were essentially oversized rifles, fired with the hopes of penetrating the hulls of vehicles. While there was much to be desired, these Anti-Tank Rifles proved to be sufficient tools to halt several assaults made by European mechanized divisions.

However, as European Tanks gained thicker armor and the Soviet Union introduced the RPG, the Anti-Tank Rifles were sent to reserve forces or retired entirely. The proud soldiers that used to so valiantly hold Soviet defense lines were obscured by the popularity and versatility of the RPG, and in turn were laughed at for their archaic and obsolete nature.

The desperate nature of the Battle of Budapest forced the Soviet Red Army to redeploy these dishonored infantrymen to cover their sudden retreat. Without proper support and little to no recent battlefield experience, the surviving and newly established Anti-Tank Sniper Teams were forced to perform hit and run tactics against armored vehicles they were never meant to do battle against. Suffice to say, their “Anti-Tank” Rifles proved completely inadequate in properly routing European forces. Even when AT Sniper Teams succeeded in destroying European armoured vehicles, the snipers were swiftly picked off by the Alliance’s elite infantrymen.

Abandoned by the retreating Red Army, the Anti-Tank Snipers were forced to continue their personal wars for weeks until the Soviet Union managed to regroup and recapture Budapest. The Soviet Red Solders were finally able to rescue the abandoned snipers in the aftermaths of the battle, and to their surprise, the AT Sniper Teams were different men entirely.

Through trials by blood and fire, the wielders of the Anti-Tank Rifles had managed to become skilled enough to turn their obsolete museum pieces into lethal instruments of war. At a moment’s notice, AT Snipers were able to quickly locate and target the weak points of various vehicles, at times even disable the sights of armored vehicles, temporally making their targets unable to fire a single shot. As a result, the Soviet Red Army had come to respect the Anti-Tank Snipers once again, and consequently swore to make proper use of them. This was especially important as the number of AT-Snipers who had survived their harsh times at Budapest was very few indeed.

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No skins.

Special Abilities